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Advanced Ship Research Division

Leading the research on advanced ships by exploring and developing core technologies for environmentally friendly ships ad well as ice-going vessels

The Advanced Ship Research Division focuses on continuing to lead the research on next-generation marine transport by exploring and developing the core technology for environmentally friendly ships and for ice-going vessels in polar regions.
Using large testing facilities and numerical simulation technology, the division is conducting the researches to evaluate comprehensive hydrodynamic performance of a vessel and to improve its performance. In particular, the division is collaborating with the domestic shipbuilding industry through various support activities in order to ensure the continued global competitiveness. Additionally, through the participation in international committees, the Advanced Ship Research Division is able to proactively respond to areas where new issues and regulations are anticipated.

Main Research Areas

  • Research and development of green ship technologies.
  • Development of hydrodynamic performance enhancement technology and numerical simulation technology for marine vessels
  • Research and development on the operation performance improvement and energy saving technology of marine transport vehicle
  • Research and development of the optmal propulsion system based on new conceptual power source
  • Development of technology and performance evaluation technology for marine transport vehicle in permafrost sea
  • Development of comprehensive safety assessment and design technology for next-generation maritime transport

Marin Research Projects

Enhancement of evaluation technology for the ship powering performances

Development of the core model manufacturing , equipments, and evaluation technologies for the improvement of ship powering performances

Energy saving hull form and propulsion technology for green ship development

Development of the key technology for a ship drag reduction and propulsion efficiency improvement

Accuracy enhancement of model-ship correlation based on the ship performance measurement
Safe navigation in the Arctic region and evaluation of ice performance for ice-going vessels

Development and evaluation of ship performance in ice, predicting ice loads, and winterization of deck machinery systems

Development of the analysis technology of ship’s integrated ability of maneuvering and seakeeping

Development of model test method, simulation program and numerical analysis technology by CFD and HPC for the analysis of ship’s integrated ability of maneuvering and seakeeping