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Marine ICT Research Division

Developing marine ICT and equipment for underwater work & exploration, and researching its utilization & application

Marine ICT Research Division develops ocean exploration equipment technologies as well as marine information & communication technologies which are applicable to or utilized for marine science, marine industries, and marine defense.
In particular, the division is developing a variety of technologies including underwater robotics like remotely operated underwater vehicles(ROVs) autonomous underwater vehicles(AUVs), underwater communication technologies using acoustic waves, maritime RF communication technologies, underwater acoustic technologies, systems for shipping & logistics, and ocean ICT.

Main Research Areas

  • Ocean equipment and corresponding application technologies
  • Intelligence and autonomy technologies for underwater robots
  • Marine communications and network technologies
  • Underwater acoustics and its application technologies
  • Ocean logistics system technology

Marin Research Projects

Intelligence and autonomy technologies for underwater robots

Autonomous underwater robots or AUVs are used for scientific exploration and unmanned warfare systems. Intelligence and autonomy technologies for underwater robots have been developing such as intelligent underwater navigation, underwater object recognition, and autonomous underwater manipulation.

Until now, we developed Voram(1997), ISiMi AUV(2003), ISiMi100(2008), ISiMi6000(2012), Y-shark2(2016).

Remotely Operated Vehicle(ROV) Technology

ROV performs underwater exploration and precise underwater manipulation with high-resolution cameras, sonars, and robotic arms. Until now, we have developed CROV300(1993), Hemire/Henuvy(2006), Crabster CR200(2013), CR6000(2016), I-Turtle(2013), and underwater construction robots(2019).

The Crabster technologies have been transferred to a company and are being commercialized.

Underwater Acoustic Communication and Network Technology

Acoustic waves are used for underwater wireless communications due to the severe attenuation of electro-magnetic waves. Underwater acoustic modems and network protocols for middle-range(3~5 km, 10 kbps), long-range(30 km, 100 bps), and short-range(200 m, 100 kbps) applications have been developed.

Underwater acoustic sensing technology

We are focusing on technologies for detection and identification of underwater acoustic sources or targets. Active and passive sonar systems with a horizontal linear array or a planar array have been developed. The technologies can be used for marine security as well as scientific research including ambient noise monitoring and ecosystem observation.

Maritime VHF Digital Communication Technology

New maritime digital communication technologies in the VHF band such as the VHF digital data exchange (VDE) corresponding to the ITU-R M. 1842 and M. 2092 standards, which might be used as a data exchange equipemnt between shore-to-ship, ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship for the e-navigation, have been developed.