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Offshore Industries R&BD Center

Closely supproting the domestic shipbuilding, offshore equipment industries and contributing to the creation of new ocean industries

The Offshore Industries R&BD center closely support the shipbuilding, offshore and equipment industries by establishing strategies to industrialize offshore plant technology, providing relevant information and performing design/engineering technology and reliability assessment. Also, the center aims to help related domestic offshore oil & gas service companies achieve industrial competitiveness and technological independence.
Through these efforts, the center will contribute to the creation of new ocean industries.

Main Research Areas

  • Establishment of a industrialization strategy and information support on offshore industry
  • Development for design/engineering technology offshore industry equipment
  • Support for localization and commercialization on offshore industry equipment
  • Reliability assessment and certification of offshore industry equipment
  • Education/training for offshore plant human resources and expert

Marin Research Projects

Technology development of material handling and risk management for operation and maintenance service of offshore plant

Devolopment of Job Safety Analysis and deriving of Job procedure, Hazard work DB construction, Development of hazard detection equipment for high risk facilities

System architecture development for material handling using systems engineering and text recognition method

Development of CAE technology for offshore industry equipment

Development of reverse engineering process with 3D scanner

Development of parameterization techniques for shape information of multi-surface
Standard design formulation for offshore industry equipment
Development for framework and process of integrated design optimization

Acquisition and Application of Reliability Assessment Key-Technologies for Offshore Plant Package/Module

Development of RAM(Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) technology and SIL(Safety Integrity Level) technology for the reliability assessment of offshore plant package/module

Reliability assessment and certification of shipbuilding & offshore industry equipment

Development of performance evaluation technology, enhancement of performance and operation of international authorized testing institute(KOLAS)

Support for internationalization and capacity enhancement of domestic offshore oil & gas service companies using test/software facilities and desing/engineering technology in KRISO
Support for domestic shipbuilding/offshore Oil & Gas industry by providing overseas market information
Commercialization technology development project for offshore plant high performance composite material
Project of performance test and certification expense support for shipbuilding and offshore industry equipment