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Marine Safety and Environmental Research Department

Marine Safety and Environmental Research Department

The goals of the department's researches are reducing maritime accidents, minimizing the damage of maritime accidents and securing maritime environment.

Main Research Areas

  • Maritime traffic safety and navigation automation
  • Maritime geography information and PNT(positioning, navigation, and timing) infrastructure
  • E-navigation(strategy and realization)
  • Fundamental technologies for marine system’s safety
  • Maritime accidents response and marine pollution control
  • Developing standards for the maritime safety
  • Activities in international organizations related to maritime safety

Marin Research Projects

Development of core technologies for maritime safety and accident response

Development of core technology for the analysis&reproduction of maritime accidents through simulations

Development of marine casualty early stages response and salvage technical support system
Development of On-site Oil Spill Monitoring Technology
Development of Foundation Technologies of Multi-sources Integrated Navigation for Maritime Precise Tasks
Basic Research for VTS Situation Awareness Improvement

Develop international maritime GIS standard technology based next-generation navigation information assistance system technology

Develop next-generation ECDIS and augmented reality based navigation information support system that can indicate waterway information for realizing e-Navigation, which was adopted in IMO and IHO, and navigation information data standard s-100 information

Develop technology to support the safe entry/departure of ships using real time navigation environment information

Develop safe navigation support system that supports the safe and efficient entry and departure navigation by using the detailed maritime environment information and marine traffic information that it provided from the ground by connecting the wireless communication network between the ground and the ships

Develop technology for aids to navigation(AtoN) simulator build aids to navigation(AtoN) simulator and develop operating system to design and evaluate aids to navigation(AtoN) for safe navigation
Prevent maritime accidents from human factors and develop management technology

Identify, analyze and evaluate human factors leading to maritime accidents; develop simulation training program to prevent maritime accidents

Develop technology to strengthen DGNSS services capacity and harbor PNT monitoring in harbor

Develop the enhanced technology for DGNSS integrative software RSIM(Reference station and integrity monitor) sophistication technology and conduct shipyard navigation signal integrative monitoring and capacity assessment in order to develop platform technology that can measure the credibility of harbor PNT(positioning, navigation and timing)service in harbor

Develop management technology for HNS (Hazardous and Noxious Substance) spill accident

Develop total solution for efficient management of maritime HNS spill accident based on preparedness, response and restoration technologies

Develop three dimensional oil spill prediction based maritime oil pollution control support technology

Develop three dimensional environment sensitive information based oil spill prediction technology and oil pollution control system support system to quickly control oil pollution due to maritime accidents

Marin Research Facilities