1. 01Areas
    • Research and technical positions

      Eco-friendly future shipping technology, offshore plant engineering technology, maritime accident response and marine traffic system technology, underwater robot and marine equipment technology, policy-related areas

    • Administrative positions

      All areas

  2. 02Eligibility
    • Individuals not disqualified under Article 33 of the State Public Officials Act (Male applicants must have completed or be exempt from military service)

    • [Ph.D.] Research, technical: Doctoral-degree holders in the relevant field

    • [Master’s] Research, technical, administrative: English proficiency scores must have been obtained within two years of the closing date of recruitment
      EPS Level 2 (at least 600)

  3. 03Method
    • Open recruitment comprised of three stages: application screening, job/research capacity assessment, interview

  4. 04Documents
    • Required

      Application form, consent to the collection and use of personal information, self-introduction, certificate of (expected) graduation, transcript (for undergraduate and graduate-level coursework, percentage scale)

    • [Ph.D.s] Research, technical: List of journal articles, books, translations, patents and projects, and related supporting materials

    • If applicable: List of career experience and related supporting materials, list of volunteer activities/awards and related supporting materials, list of certifications and related supporting materials, letters of recommendation by advisors or individuals of outstanding reputation

  5. 05Special
    • Veterans or disabled persons

    • Female scientists and engineers

  6. 06 Recruitment
    • Once every six months

  7. 07Recruitment
    • Available on the KRISO homepage, All Public Information In-One (ALIO), and various career sites

  8. 08Department
    • Human Resource Development Team

  9. 09For more information,
    refer to the KRISO homepage

Employee welfare

  • Five-day workweek
  • Four major public insurances
  • Dormitories
  • women-only
  • commuter bus
  • lunch
  • subsidies for children’s
    educational expenses