Career Openings

KRISO Advanced Technology Engineering Center

  • Requisition Open Date2016.04.14
  • Requisition Close Date2016.04.27
Global leader of ships and ocean engineering, KRISO
Advanced Technology Engineering Center (ATEC) at Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO)
is looking for creative people for offshore oil and gas business and projects.
Work Category Job Areas Job Description Required Qualifications Place of Work Open Positions



- Piping(Design/Analysis)
- Electric & Instrument
- Structure
- Risk & Safety
- Material
- Procurement
- Interface
- Project Control/Planning
- Module/Package Engineering

- Applicants with experience in oil & gas projects or offshore construction as a leader or principal engineer.

- Applicants with experience in the field of EPC for offshore oil & gas projects over 10 years.

- Applicants with experience at global top ranked engineering company in oil & gas projects including offshore (preferred).

- Applicants with experience as a leader of each part for oil & gas projects including offshore (preferred).

Busan, Korea



Development/ Management

- Project Development, Procurement, Bidding, Contract and Actuaries (Insurance) of Offshore oil & gas projects
- Project Management

- Applicants with experience in project business in the field of offshore oil & gas projects will be preferred.

- Applicants with experience of international working abroad will be preferred.

Busan, Korea




- Strategy Planning, Schedule Managing and Technical Proposal
- Planning, Project Managing and Supporting for R&D
- System Engineering / Data Security Management

- Applicants who have experience in infrastructure project of the Korean government will be preferred.

Busan, Korea




- Administrative work for R&D business of the Korean Government
- International Marketing and Exhibition
- Supporting Foreign Engineers
- General & Urban Affairs,
Accounting and Procurement

- Applicants with job experience preferred

Busan, Korea


Recuired Qualifications

Recuired Qualifications
Category Qualifications


  •  Applicants who graduated from university or equivalent
  •  Applicants with speaking and writing skills in English (preferred)
  •  Applicants with job experience (preferred), See the table below
  •  No limitation in age, gender and nationality

Position Type & Period of Employment

  •  Employee Status : Staff of ATEC
  •  Period of Employment : Basis of multiyear with every year update.
  •  Gross Salary and Working Condition : It will be decided according to KRISO’s internal code and guideline for ATEC.


Process Schedule

1st Selection : Document Screening

  •  1st Selection: 2016. 4. 28 ~ 2016. 5. 4

2nd Selection : Interview

  • 2nd Selection: 2016. 5. 23 ~ 2016. 5. 27
  • Notice of Acceptance : 2016. 6. 15 (Changeable)
  •  Start Dates : 2016. 6. 16 (Flexible)
  •  Schedule for each steps may be rearranged.
  •  Candidates for interview(2nd Selection) will be contacted individually.
  •  Interview to evaluate candidate’s work skills, sociability and communication skills.
  •  Remote online interview is only possible in case when an applicant may lose permanent resident status by visiting Korea or similar.

Required Documents

Required Documents
Category Required Documents

Requirement Documents

  •  Application Form <Attachment 1>– Image format should be JPG or equivalent.
  • Cover Letter (Self-introduction, Maximum 2 pages) <Attachment 2>
  •  Certificate of Graduation/Academic transcript
  •  Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement <Attachment 3>
  •  Performance data relevant for the job (Relevant person only)
  •  Certificate of Employment (Relevant person only)
  •  Other Licenses/Certificates (Relevant person only)
  •  Disability Certificate (Relevant person only)
  •  A copy of Passport and a record of tax payment for earned income during recent 3 years.
  •  Name, company, department, position, E-mail and telephone number of more than 3 reference persons.

Submission Deadline/Information for Submission/Submission Address

Submission Deadline, Information for Submission, Submission Address
Category Required Documents

Submission Deadline

  •  Apply in person, by Mail or E-mail.- Deadline : 2016. 4. 27. 17:00※ Applications must be submitted by Deadline.We do not accept any Applications after 17:00, 2016.4.27

Information for Submission

  •  Submission Address :  Hanmir Bldg. 7th FL. 365 Shinseon-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, 48547, South KoreaAdvanced Technology Engineering Center (ATEC) Administration Team Manager, Rheinna Kim
    In case of mail, please write ‘Application’ on the envelope.
  •  E-mail Address:


  •  Visit our Website ( for more details about KRISO (Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering).
  •  All applicants must fill out contact information (E-mail address and Phone number) on the Application Form.
  •  Documents written in other languages besides English should be submitted with a copy of translation into Korean or English with applicants’ own signature.
  •  Submitted documents include application will not be returned. If the details on the application form and documents are not true, the admission will be canceled.
  • Gross salary level: Compliant with code and guideline of ATEC.
  •  For more information, please contact Administration Team of ATEC. (