Thursday, February 9th

Details of research

This research project aims to seek strategic ways to lay the foundation for structural safety evaluation of offshore plants, while also pursuing basic research related to offshore plant structures.

First, the research focuses on finding strategic ways to establish the foundation for structural safety evaluation of offshore plants by examining technological demands and requirements from the domestic industries, and by analyzing research trends both home and abroad. In addition, operation models in the field of structural research by leading organizations home and abroad are being analyzed, while a variety of research items and priority research items are being identified to promote vigorous research at KRISO.

As for the research in the field of offshore plant structures, the project investigates development of nonlinear analysis technology for elastic bodies that are being applied to various areas involving offshore plants, thermal-structure coupled field analysis related to explosion and fire, and structural reliability evaluation in consideration of uncertain marine environments, while an optimal finite element analysis techniques and shell elements for structural materials testing are being developed to enhance the link accuracy between testing and analytical results in order to develop a virtual material testing system.