Tuesday, February 28th

Research Contents

◦ Development of eLoran transmitter
– Solid state transmitter available to expand the output of ERP 50kW or more (frequency of 100kHz, and bandwidth of 90-100kHz)
– Remote monitoring and control technology
– eLoran signal generation and control technology
– Loran Data Channel (LDC) generation and modulation technology
– UTC time transmission and control technology (standard frequency and the accuracy of 50ns
◦ Differential Loran (dLoran) development
– Correction information create and integrity monitoring of transmitter signal
– ASF measurement and prediction, and assessment system build up
– TOA, and position error monitoring
◦ Development of integrated operation and control technology
– Status monitoring and control technology for eLoran system
– Software development for integrated operation and control
◦ eLoran testbed build up and performance verification
– New eLoran transmitter system buildup of ERP 100kW, and 2 sites of dLoran
◦ Upgrade of eLoran/GNSS integrated receiver
– Upgrade of receiver technology with regard to all in view signal reception, LDC modulation and demodulation, ASF Map loaded