Technology transfer procedures

  1. 01Contract commission
    Commissioning of contract signing
    (application form)
    Research DepartmentResearch Management Center
  2. 02Application Review
    Review of application details
    Research Management CenterResearch Department
  3. 03Institutional Review
    Validity assessment and approval
    of technology transfer
    Research Management CenterInstitutional Review Board
  4. 04Internal Approval
    Internal approval based on assessment
    by the institutional review board
    Research Management Center
  5. 05Contract signing
    Contract signing
    Research Management CenterLicensee
  6. 06Royalty collection
    Collection of royalty by contract
    Research Management CenterLicensee
  7. 07Distribution of royalty
    Distribution of royalty based
    on distribution standards
    Research Management CenterResearch Department

Priority assignment to participating companies

Priority assignment to participating companies
Classification Details
Participating company Available
  • Priority given to participating company
  • Equal opportunity for interested companies
  • * Exceptions to priority assignment
    • If all employees of the participating company provide consent
      – If the participating company fails to sign the license agreement within one year of project completion
    • If the participating company fails to pay the agreed royalty within one year

Types of royalty

Types of royalty
Type of royalty Basis of imposition Details Note
Fixed royalty Flat rate
  • Provided as flat rate
Fixed amount
Running royalty* Sales
  • Provided as a proportion of technology-related sales
Based on year-end sales for the fiscal year
Initial payment Flat rate
  • At least 10% of total royalty specified under the running royalty agreement
Article 16-2 of Guidelines on Technology Transfer Contracts and Management
  • * Breakdown of running royalty
    • Initial payment + amount determined by running royalty rate
      Initial payment: At least 10% of total royalty as initial payment
      · Amount determined by running royalty rate: In general, “oo% of sales generated by related technology”

Calculation of royalty

Calculation of royalty
Classification Details Note
Calculated amount
  • Total research expenses*
*Research expenses: Amount spent on research out of government funds (excluding payment in kind)
  • Small and medium-sized company
70% discount
  • Research institute company
  • Non-profit institution
  • * Based on Article 18 of Guidelines on Technology Transfer Contracts and Management

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